Steve Milloy Picks Apart Paulson Plan on WBAL at 1:30 on Thursday – Listen Live!

By David Almasi:

Steve Milloy, a director of the National Center’s newly-announced Free Enterprise Project, will be a guest of Clarence Mitchell IV on WBAL radio in Baltimore this afternoon at 1:30 pm eastern. Steve will discuss his comments yesterday warning Congress that it would be unwise to grant excessive new powers to Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson and other cabinet officials (and their successors) under any financial “bailout” legislation.You can listen to Steve from anywhere in America by going to the WBAL web site and clicking the “Listen Live” tab that can be found at the top left of the page.

In a release on the topic of Paulson and the bailout yesterday, Milloy noted:

Paulson should not be given more opportunities to punish his enemies and promote his friends. Engineering the sale of Bear Sterns at a fire sale price and allowing Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt while making efforts to save Goldman Sachs should raise serious questions about Paulson’s personal agenda. Having served in the Nixon Administration it seems Paulson took careful notes in the creation and execution of an enemies list. Let’s not forget that under Paulson’s leadership Goldman Sachs made millions by creating the mortgage crisis.

The full press release can be read by clicking here.

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