Massie Article in Freedom’s Journal Magazine Cites Economic Harm of Abortion


An article by Project 21 Chairman Mychal Massie appears in the January/February issue of Freedom’s Journal magazine from the Wallace Multimedia Group.

The article, “Economic Genocide”, deals with the negative economic factors related to abortion in America – particularly in the black community.

In his article, Massie writes:

When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demand justice for some cause, it’s been noted their particular form of justice often seems to come with a special cut set aside for just for them and their friends.

What about abortion?

With abortion, there is a real economic toll – but it’s not something you hear Jackson, Sharpton or the Congressional Black Caucus complaining about. In fact, they all support abortion.

Yet abortion does have negative consequences for the American economy, and for the economic well-being of the black community in particular.

Black Americans were brought to this continent in chains. After emancipation, we were subject to unfair laws that restricted the freedoms we were promised. Discrimination has robbed us of opportunity.

Now, with the playing field as level as it has ever been, blacks are still being pushed into a corner by abortion.

While the economy of the entire United States teeters on the brink, blacks – who, as a community, are making their way up the socioeconomic ladder – stand to lose the most.

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