More Project 21 Criticism of NAACP Image Award for Van Jones

Project 21 chairman Mychal Massie criticized the NAACP for giving an Image Award to Van Jones — the former Obama Administration “green jobs czar” who was thrown under the bus by the White House last September. Massie gave a stern rebuttal to a commentary written by NAACP president Benjamin Todd Jealous that was posted on in which Jealous sought to justify the award to Jones.

Mychal’s comments about the award can be found here.

But Mychal is not the only Project 21 member speaking out about this dubious selection made by the NAACP. Here is what other Project 21 members are saying:

R. Dozier Gray:

The NAACP, through president Ben Jealous, christened Van Jones a “American treasure.” Really? Why?If he were such a treasure, why would the Obama Administration no longer have a place for him? It was certainly not because the White House disagrees with his bent on green jobs. It was because, through his past radicalism and current demeanor, he became a political liability.

So the question is, how is it that Van Jones is not too caustic for the NAACP?

It seems that regardless of the baggage that Jones carries with him, the NAACP thinks it worthwhile —even beneficial — to associate with him.

The NAACP says Jones is qualified for one of its special Image Awards because of his work in helping develop a “green collar” economy. We only need to look to Spain to see how silly this is. Every one Spanish green job cost 2.2 regular jobs in its creation, and one-in-ten of those green jobs might actually last. So, what is the value of this treasure? Anti-capitalism? Anti-jobs?

Deneen Borelli:

After Van Jones effectively slit his own throat by not being able to keep his radicalism in check — and was forced out of the White House as a result — it would appear the NAACP is helping Jones rebuild his image. I don’t think this is what the Image Awards was originally intended to do.In bestowing an Image Award on this once self-proclaimed communist and 911-truther, the NAACP is again showing its real aim these days is to promote and defend the left-wing agenda. With so many blacks making legitimate achievements in American society today, it’s outrageous that the NAACP is picking from the bottom of the barrel with Jones.

The main beneficiaries of this award are Jones and the shamed Obama Administration that hired him. With their flawed cap-and-trade energy tax on the ropes, they are likely hoping a rehabilitated Jones will be an asset in touting the false benefits of a “green economy.”

This post was written by David Almasi, executive director of the National Center for Public Policy Research. Write the author at [email protected].

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