Project 21’s Massie on Fox Business Channel’s “Cavuto” on Wednesday Night

Mychal Massie, the chairman of Project 21, is scheduled to appear on “Cavuto” on Wednesday night on the Fox Business Network.

On Wednesday morning, President Obama told a small town meeting in Ohio that “Social Security is not in crisis… We’re going to have to make some modest adjustments in order to strengthen it.”  Mychal is being asked to assess the truthfulness of the President’s claim in light of past statements by Obama and his supporters and the cold, hard facts about our nation’s retirement security safety net.

“Cavuto” airs at 6:00 PM eastern.  Check local cable listings for the Fox Business Network.  FBN can also be found on DirecTV channel 359, Dish Network channel 206, Fios channel 117 and Sky Angel channel 319.


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