Tom Borelli to Appear on Fox at 4:45 PM Sunday

Tom Borelli, Ph.D., head of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project, will appear on the Fox News Channel at or about 4:45 PM Eastern today.

Tom will be discussing the Amanda Carey story, “Corporations Represented at Summit with Obama Already Cozy with Administration,” which appeared in the Daily Caller on December 16.

Carey reports in her story that “President Obama met with a group of about 20 CEOs in a five-hour long summit, reportedly in an attempt to soothe the souring relationship between big business and big government. From almost all accounts, the ‘charm offensive’ was successful.”

However, Carey goes on to note, the companies Obama successfully wooed are already recipients of significant amount of taxpayer largess and/or employ lobbyists to promote some of the Administration’s left-wing initiatives, so the result of the wooing was hardly in doubt.

Tom is quoted in Carey’s article saying, “Obama’s CEO Summit was pure propaganda. The meeting was billed as an effort to mend tensions between the business community and the president when in reality many of the CEO attendees are acting as an arm of the Obama Administration.”

A selection of some of Tom’s other recent appearances on Fox and other television news and discussion programs can be viewed online here.

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