Threats Made Against Black Justice; Liberal Civil Rights Groups Apparently Do Not Care (Video)

Where are the liberal civil rights leaders in response to the openly racist comments and calls for violence against America’s black Supreme Court Justice?

These same men — all men, I believe, as per usual with the black civil rights groups — got all in a multi-week, if not many month, tizzy with their allegation that what obviously was a “say it don’t spray it” situation at a Tea Party rally was a spit attack on a black Member of Congress, but they evidently do not care when persons at an event affiliated with one of the nation’s most established liberal groups, Common Cause, publicly say they want Clarence Thomas physically attacked and put into slavery.

And by the way, we’re still waiting for the head of the NAACP’s Washington office to keep his word on this pledge that the NAACP would denounce attacks made on black conservatives he made last July:

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