Jeff Stier on Jim Bohannon Tonight

SafariScreenSnapz004 08-55-17National Center senior fellow Jeff Stier will be spending an entire hour in the studio tonight with nationally-syndicated talk radio host Jim Bohannon.  The two will talk about President Barack Obama’s claim that he has instructed the government to eliminate outdated and unnecessary regulations.

Jeff says:

This is just empty rhetoric.  From the Environmental Protection Agency, to the Food and Drug Administration, to other agencies, the administration is putting up regulatory roadblocks in the name of public health.  Those rules, however, will do no good — at best.  In some cases, the administration’s regulatory approach harms not only industry, but consumers.

Jeff will elaborate more on this and how it applies to things such as the FDA’s regulation of tobacco (menthol and smokeless tobacco), the EPA’s regulation of industry and pharmaceutical regulation tonight — live — on Jim’s show at 10:00 PM eastern.  To find a complete listing of stations carrying Jim Bohannon’s show, click here.

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