Next Time You See a Union Flack on TV Saying Teachers Unions Fight for Kids…

Remember this:

MILWAUKEE — Some Milwaukee Public School teachers are fighting to get Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications covered under their medical benefits.

But in a time of deep teacher and budget cuts, parents of students in the district said they are angry about the request.

“There are tons of things we have to deal with, but I wish we didn’t have to deal with it,” Milwaukee School Board member Terry Falk said.

However, a union lawsuit is forcing the issue.

If a Milwaukee Circuit Court rules in the teachers’ favor, it could cost the already cash strapped district almost $800,000 to reinstate the drug — an amount of money that could also cover about 12 first-year teacher salaries…

We learn three things from this story.

First, according to, first-year teachers in Milwaukee make over $65,000 each in salary.

Second, despite what I heard a union guy claim on Fox Saturday night, teachers’ unions have priories other than students.

Third, $800,000? There are 6,100, more or less, teachers in Milwaukee. Surely at least half are female. The average age of Viagra users nationally is 53, and most teachers are under that age. It seems the $800,000 could be for only a few hundred people.

In this story, a Democratic state representative says of the union’s goal: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Addendum, 3/7/11 The union decided to drop its lawsuit.

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