Project 21’s Borelli Discusses Budget Deal on Fox News on Sunday Afternoon

Deneen Borelli is scheduled to be on the Fox News Channel on Sunday afternoon at appropximately 4:45 PM eastern to discuss the recent deal to fund the government through the rest of the 2011 fiscal year and the part that tea party activism played in that battle.

Deneen in the author of the commentary “Blaming the Tea Party?  Stop the Political Games” that was published on the Fox News web site on Friday.  In it, Deneen wrote about liberal attempts to place blame for a now-averted government slowdown on the tea party movement.  She said:

The irony, of course, is that it’s not the Tea Party’s fault that in April 2011 Congress is sill haggling over the budget due in September 2010.  The accountability for not having a budget resides fully with President Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill, who controlled the legislative agenda with a vast majority until this past January.

Like Obamacare, liberals could have used their political advantage to ram a budget through Congress and Obama could have signed it.

But the budget was not a priority.  Instead, Obama and his progressive congressional allies spent their political capital and time having the government take over our nation’s health care system and trying to legislate fossil fuels out of existence through a “cap-and-trade” scheme.  A budget just didn’t fit into this busy progressive agenda.

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