Dear Shephard Smith, You’re Not Helping

BillyGraham1966Dear Shepard,

You’re not helping.

If your intention in berating Rev. Franklin Graham for questioning President Obama’s birth documents was to convince viewers to — as you indignantly suggested on your Monday broadcast — take Fox News’ word for it that the President has released his full birth records, you would have been more convincing had you not referred to Franklin Graham as the son of “the late Billy Graham.”

Billy Graham is not dead.

Perhaps Media Matters will see this mistake as a Fox News wink-and-a-nod to so-called “birthers,” but most of the rest of us will wonder why we should take your word on the birth certificate issue if you can’t even figure out if Billy Graham is dead.


Amy Ridenour

Addendum: Shephard Smith just corrected himself. I wonder how many frantic Billy Graham fans called or emailed Fox News during the intervening approximately 40 minutes?

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