Media Lies Don’t Change the Facts: Spending Must Be Cut

Politico073111The article accompanying this little ad is quite airheaded; I only recommend it if you are looking for something stupid to help you drop off to sleep. What is noteworthy, in my view, is the persistent bias of the media (not just the mainstream media, either) as exemplified by ads like this and other examples.

It’s hard to imagine how the media knuckleheads can expect us to buy the line that when two sides don’t agree, it is naturally 100 percent the responsibility of just one of them. This should be obvious even to people dumb enough to believe we can borrow huge sums of money every year without ever having consequences.

Although, on second thought, maybe not. Most of those people are very, very stupid. Too bad for them that, the easy way (planned spending cuts) or the hard way (insolvencies and bankruptcies), the jig is up. All bias does is help stupid people believe spending cuts aren’t necessary, but the thing is, they are necessary, and no amount of blaming the messenger is going to change this fact.

Regardless of what you read or hear from the media, there will be no default anytime soon. The federal government has enough money to pay its loan and interest payments. Parts of the rest of the government will have to go on a diet, that’s all. Forcing the issue like this means the country will be doing it the hard way, but if the left insists upon that, there’s nothing the right can do about it.

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