Deadbeat Britons Riot Seeking More Social Services, Thereby Forcing Cancellation of Some Social Services

One of the things the rioters in Britain ostensibly want is more social services, paid for by their betters.*

Today the taxpayer-financed National Health Service, which provides “free” health care to Britons without regard to whether they’ve ever worked a day in their lives, said it was canceling some operations and sending some patients home early because of lockdowns necessitated by the riots.

So how’s that working out for ya, deadbeats**?

Footnotes: *Defined as people who work for a living.
**600,000 Britons under 25 have never worked a day in their lives. 20 percent of 18-year-old British males and nearly 17 percent of 18-year-old British females are neither employed, in school, or in some kind of training.

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