Project 21’s Stacy Swimp on America’s Role in Gaddafi’s Demise

Remarking on the capture and death of Libyan dictator Mommar Gaddafi, Project 21 member Stacy Swimp remains concerned about the problem of “mission creep” in the name of protecting American interests.

Stacy says:

From the beginning, I have felt that the United States should not have been involved in Libyan issues.  While I have no remorse for the loss of a dictator, I also do not believe our nation needs to risk a dictatorship to address world problems.  I agree with Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. when he said that God did not ordain America to police the entire world.  Strong defense doesn’t mean we should deploy our soldiers in every corner of the globe, irregardless of America’s best interest.  I am also concerned about the arrogant boasting of our President and it’s impact on the safety of our soldiers abroad.

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