Project 21’s Lisa Fritsch Talks Occupy Wall Street Radicalism with Neil Cavuto — Thursday on the Fox News Channel

Project 21 spokeswoman Lisa Fritsch is scheduled to be a guest on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” this afternoon on the Fox News Channel.  Lisa’s segment is set for 4:10PM eastern.

Lisa will talk about the radicalism of the protesters involved in the Occupy Wall Street effort and similar protests across the nation.  In particular, she will point out to Cavuto how liberals who once sought to drive a wedge in the Tea Party movement by harping about alleged bad behavior and racial disparity are now embracing groups known for their bad behavior and racial disparity.

As noted in the Project 21 press release on the topic:

This praise comes despite the fact that Occupy campsites in cities nationwide have become health and crime hazards and hundreds of protesters have been arrested for infractions that include assaulting police officers, obstructing traffic and disobeying city ordinances involving things such as curfews and camping in public spaces.  Drug busts, sexual assaults and prostitution have additionally been reported.  Occupy protesters have also been reported making anti-Semitic statements and holding anti-Jewish signs, and their political agenda has drawn praise from former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA.

Check your local listings for the Fox News Channel on cable.  Fox News is available on channel 118 on Fios, channel 205 on Dish Network and channel 360 on DirecTV.

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