Project 21’s Hollis has an Old Commentary on a New Movie

P21JimmieHollis-hat“Red Tails,” the new movie from producer George Lucas about the black airmen who fought Germans in the air and racial animosity back at home during World War II, opens in theaters today.  A trailer for the film can be found by clicking here.

Project 21 member Jimmie Hollis, a U.S. Air Force veteran, wrote about the same 332nd Fighter Group celebrated in “Red Tails” in a New Visions Commentary that was published in January of 2006.  Jimmie wrote:

As an American of African ancestry and a United States Air Force retiree, I often think of those Black Angels streaking across the sky during World War II.  Racism and hatred tested, boiled, chewed and spit out these black pilots, but they came away better, tougher, smarter and more determined and professional than ever.

The full text of Jimmie’s commentary can be found by clicking here.

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