Occupy Occupy D.C. is All About Giving. More.

iStock_000017039002XSmallI’m rich.

That’s what my tax preparer told me on Saturday morning.  Due to things such as capital gains and diligent work that turned into a higher incomes, my wife and I found we’ve broken into the 28 percent tax bracket – just like Warren Buffett’s secretary (though we are still making a lot less than she is.

I’m not happy about it, but I’m trying to use the tremendous hit to our personal savings and retirement as a learning experience and a challenge to others.

So day three of the National Center’s “Occupy Occupy D.C.” activities is going to be about giving more.

I’ll be at Freedom Plaza at noon on Wednesday the 15th – two months before the traditional tax deadline (which will be delayed two days this year due to April 15 falling on a Sunday and the 16th being Emancipation Day in D.C.) – exhorting my fellow Americans to join me in giving a little something extra to the government this year.  While the National Center’s permit does not allow us to accept donations, I’m happy to accept pledges or perhaps get a group together to walk over to IRS headquarters just down the street to make an in-person donation.

I’m not saying I’m going to take a huge gouge out of my planned IRA investment.  It’s not like I’m eager to give all that much more.  My preparer already warned me that what I am paying is more likely to fund Earned Income Tax Credit fraud than the construction of the U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords.

Consider my act as priming the pump.  As an apparent wannabe member of the One Percent, I’m trying to be all altruistic like Buffett and Bill Gates.  And, considering that I’ll be at ground zero in one of the most liberal areas in America, I should expect lots of people to join me.  Right?!

I figure I’ll be leading a parade of happy liberals eager to give their fair share, tax code be damned.

With all the spending plans emanating from the White House, they’d better.

See you at Freedom Plaza at noon on Wednesday!

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