NCPPR’s Jeff Stier Defends Consumer Choice for Energy Drinks

On the 8/28/12 edition of CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” National Center Risk Analysis Division director Jeff Stier says New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is on a “fishing expedition” that may lead to the next nanny state assault on consumer choice — this time concerning beverage choice made with regard to energy drinks and a regulatory concern about their caffeine content.

Calling it “fear mongering at its worst,” Jeff notes that energy drinks are not linked to chronic health hazards and are popular with consumers.  In his debate with Meme Roth of National Action Against Obesity, Jeff says that — while he does not partake of the energy drinks under assault — the government should similarly “let [consumers] choose to decide” rather than allowing government to overrule consumer demand.

Joining the discussion are CNBC co-hosts Bill Griffeth and Michelle Caruso-Canbrera.

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