MSNBC Claims “Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist,” But Democratic Party Seems to Disagree

EdShow080812VoterFraudDoesn'tExistTrimWVoter fraud “doesn’t exist,” Voter ID opponents like those on MSNBC often tell us, but the Maryland Democratic Party has notified law enforcement that it believes its nominee (since withdrawn) for Congress in Maryland’s First Congressional District may have committed it.

Said Maryland Democratic Party Chairwoman Yvette Davis, in a letter (PDF) to legal authorities about the matter, “The Maryland Democratic Party strongly believes in upholding and expanding the right to vote but, at the same time, believes there should be zero tolerance for voter fraud of any kind.”

While we take no position on the veracity of these specific charges, we congratulate the Maryland Democratic Party for adhering to its principles in this matter.

Voter fraud is real and the party was right to alert law enforcement when it suspected it had evidence that voter fraud may have taken place. I hope personnel at MSNBC, should they ever find themselves in the same position, would do the same.

Note: A transcript providing fuller context to Ed Schultz’s quote in the embedded video can be found on YouTube at

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