Project 21 Leader Hails Voter ID Victory in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s voter ID law, which requires prospective voters to show valid photo identification before receiving a ballot, was found to be constitutional by the state’s 4th District Court of Appeals.

Originally passed in 2011, enforcement of Wisconsin’s ballot safety measure has unfortunately been on hold since March of 2012, when Dane County Circuit Court Judge Richard Niess sided with a League of Women Voters lawsuit that claimed such a protection of the electoral process somehow harmed peoples’ right to vote.

In it’s ruling, the 4th District declared: “We reject the League’s additional, implied argument that the requirement is unconstitutional under the Article III right to suffrage because it imposes a restriction that is, on its face, so burdensome that it effectively denies potential voters their right to vote, and is therefore constitutionally ‘unreasonable.’”

Securing the ballots of Wisconsin voters still faces an uphill battle, however, as the law is still hampered by another ruling against it in the same county and two additional federal lawsuits filed against it.

P21HoraceCooperProject 21 co-chairman Horace Cooper, a former law professor specializing in constitutional issues, hailed today’s federal ruling upholding the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s election protection measure:

Progressives — wrong on the policy and wrong on the law — are once again wrong in court.

Fraudsters and the lawyers who allow their fraud to flourish are finding fewer places of refuge when it comes to the phony claims they make against voter ID protections.

Whether it’s Eric Holder’s Justice Department, the ACLU or frontmen like the Brennan Center, claims that voter ID limits ballot access and is unlawful is consistently being shown to be phony.  The most recent proof of this comes from today’s 4th District decision in favor of voter ID in Wisconsin.

Ensuring that real Americans — not felons or illegals — decide U.S. elections is not only commonsense, but it is perfectly lawful as well.

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