Prosecutorial Ineptitude in Zimmerman Case Increases Racial Tension, Say Black Conservatives

Group Calls on Public to Let Justice Peacefully Prevail

Washington, D.C. – A week-and-a-half into the trial of George Zimmerman, members of the Project 21 black leadership network say the prosecution’s case is faltering, and increased tensions as a result appear to be harming race relations in America.

As reported in the Washington Times, state prosecutors trying to make the case that Zimmerman committed second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin have “stumbled” and that “several key witnesses have cast doubt on the state’s version of events and on several occasions have portrayed the defendant as a credible, even sympathetic figure.” Prosecutors have thus far only been able to present a “murky” description of the fight between Zimmerman and Martin and the events leading up to it, likely leaving much reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.

“The prosecution’s weak case, demonstrated by their own witnesses being more helpful to the defense than the prosecution, is literally falling apart on national television,” commented Project 21 member Christopher Arps.

Arps continued: “Florida statute defines second-degree murder as ‘the unlawful killing… evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life.’ Although the circumstances resulting in a young man losing his life were tragic, the evidence presented fails far short of proving George Zimmerman had a ‘depraved mind’ when he made the decision to ignore a police dispatcher and follow Trayvon Martin.”

With the prosecution apparently losing control of their case against Zimmerman, the potential for violence in the absence of a conviction — as evidenced by militant Internet postings — has increased. For example, a new Facebook page called “RIOT for Trayvon” was created in late June. It exhorts: “LIKE IF YOU READY TO RIDE! LET’S FLEX OUR MUSCLE! WHAT, YOU SCARED?”

Additionally, the web site Twitchy has amassed violent Twitter postings that threaten violence if Zimmerman is found innocent of the murder charge against him. One such re-posted tweet reads: “Trayvon Martin need justice! Gimme me tha pistol ill kill Zimmerman myself!” Another tweet threatening general violence claims, “If Zimmerman win, I’m gonna go kill a white a kid by mistake.”

Noting how race is playing a prominent and unwelcome factor in the Zimmerman case, Project 21 member Darryn “Dutch” Martin says this sort of hostility is detrimental to American jurisprudence in general and hurtful to race relations in particular.

“Racial animosity in America is the wound that refuses to heal because people just love to keep picking at it. This focus on race plays prominently the prosecution’s case against George Zimmerman, and it’s also why the case is falling apart. While some would like to make it a black-white issue, it’s so often overlooked that Zimmerman is part Hispanic and considers himself to be Hispanic,” said Martin. “Like it or not, Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty. For crying out loud, let the judicial process run its course.”

Project 21 was formed in 1992 when the riots following the verdict in the Rodney King case revealed a need to highlight the diversity of opinion within the black community. For over 20 years, the volunteer members of the Project 21 black leadership network have provided conservative and free-market perspectives that, until that time, were largely unknown or ignored by the establishment media.

During the course of the Zimmerman trial, which is being heard in the Seminole County (Florida) Circuit Court, Project 21 members will provide commentary and be available for interviews about the case and the issues surrounding it. Project 21 will issue regular press releases featuring quotes from its members on the breaking news about the trial and any controversies surrounding it.

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