Post-Zimmerman Unrest “Mayhem for Mayhem’s Sake”

Commenting on the violence that erupted in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict and how it is affecting financial interests in largely poor and minority communities, Project 21 co-chairman Horace Cooper points out to Fox News Channel guest host Eric Bolling that there is “no justification for the mayhem and the crime.”

Horace notes that “mayhem for mayhem’s sake” is not going to affect the Zimmerman family or force the state of Florida to repeal its “stand your ground” law — but it will cause those communities to suffer when businesses are crippled or forced to close altogether.

On top of all this, Horace adds that these professional left-wing agitators appear to have little concern for the other 8,000+ black violent deaths that happen each year.

Governor Mike Huckabee, another Fox News Channel host, also participates in the 7/16/13 conversation on “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

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