Fun With ObamaCare Exchanges: Federal Version

Well, after numerous attempts I finally managed to create an account at the Federal Exchange.  I finally answered all of the security questions, it said my account was finished, and so I hit the “continue” button.  YAY!!!!….uh-oh:

Exchange-Federal5Sigh.  So, I then returned to the website, waited, and then tried to log in:


I was pretty sure that my log-in information was correct, but I decided to choose the “Forgot your password?” option anyway.  That sent me an email with a link to reset my password.  I went through the steps and ended up here:


More to come….

UPDATE:  I tried logging in this morning.  It took about 20 minutes to get passed the “Please Wait” screen, after which I was able to enter my username and password.  After that this is what I got:


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