Project 21’s Martin on Tavis Smiley’s Obamanomics Candor

Last week, liberal commentator Tavis Smiley delivered a stinging rebuke to the White House regarding the Obama Administration’s handling of the economy.

Smiley, who regularly focuses on the quality of life of black Americans, gave President Obama low marks in particular for how his policies are affecting the black community.

On “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel on October 10, Smiley had the following exchange with host Sean Hannity:

HANNITY: My last question to you.  You often do these seminars with the state of black America.  I’ve watched them on C-Span and different channels, right?

SMILEY: Right.

HANNITY: Are black Americans better off five years into the Obama presidency?

SMILEY: Let me answer your question very forthrightly.  No, they are not.  The data is going to indicate, sadly, that when the Obama Administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category.  On that regard, the President ought to be held responsible.

Project 21P21KevinMartin member Kevin Martin sees this as a possible breakthrough.  Kevin says:

It’s quite shocking when someone on the political left sees the light and admits that the same majority of minorities supporting liberal policies – like the ones that the Obama Administration has been implementing over the last five years – are often the ones most hurt by them at the end of the day.  It’s even more shocking when it is someone of the notoriety of Tavis Smiley.

To admit that blacks across every spectrum have lost and will continue to lose ground under President Obama’s agenda only reinforces what conservatives of color have been saying for years.

Why have Obama and his leftist crusaders been successful in selling the intent of these programs?  It’s because they never talk about the end results of the programs and try to pin the blame on others.

While Tavis Smiley and I may never agree politically, we do both agree on the facts that the black community has been sold a bag of empty promises and tricks by the liberal elite.  Yet the majorities of blacks have had unwavering loyalty to this now proven failed ideology.

Maybe, now that Tavis is willing to speak the truth, others will similarly look at our terrible economic state of affairs without blinders.

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