ObamaCare’s Death Omen PR Campaign

Judicial Watch apparently has learned that the Baltimore Ravens have BaltimoreRavensLogoaccepted $130,000 to promote ObamaCare. They’re the only professional sports team that has agreed to do so.

Here’s the story:

The professional football team that won this year’s Super Bowl is getting $130,000 from American taxpayers to promote Obamacare, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch this week.

The deal was secured on September 9 between the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) and Maryland health officials. The White House has tried recruiting professional sports leagues—especially the NFL and the National Basketball Association (NBA)—to help promote the president’s healthcare law but they have declined.

In fact, the NFL confirmed months ago that it would not participate in the ObamaCare public relations campaign… Washington D.C.’s mainstream newspaper called it a “blow to the administration.”

But Maryland officials evidently appealed directly to the home team, announcing in early September that the Ravens would help market the state’s ObamaÇare exchange known as Maryland Health Connection. Both parties refused to offer specifics when the deal was initiated and Judicial Watch filed a Maryland Public Information Act request for details…

My observation: How appropriate is it that the only professional sports team that has agreed to promote ObamaCare is the one with a mascot that is a death omen?

You can’t make this stuff up.

More details are available on the Judicial Watch website.

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