Project 21’s Swimp Warns Against False ObamaCare Prophets

On the 12/3/13 edition of “The Wilkow Majority” on SiriusXM satellite radio, Project 21 member Stacy Swimp said that the social agenda embedded in ObamaCare “fl[ies] in the face of our Judeo-Christian values,” and pastors who use their pulpits to promote the President’s health care takeover and encourage enrollment are acting as false prophets.

Stacy shocked Wilkow when he said:

If you see a pastor preaching ObamaCare from his pulpit, I stand on your show today and tell you what he or she has become is an enemy of the cross.

In particular, Stacy takes issue with ObamaCare’s promotion of abortion and the same-sex marriage.

Wilkow asked Stacy to be on the show to comment about a recent Washington Post commentary highlighting how a black church in the D.C. area, at the urging of its pastor, was holding an event to promote ObamaCare enrollment.  Columnist Colbert I. King wrote that the Reverend Frank D. Tucker “issued an emotional call to his congregation, young and old, to enroll in the program, resorting to language associated with the battle to win the right to vote.”

King added that “Tucker hammered at the obligation of the uninsured to enroll in the insurance program that Obama and other health-reform advocates have worked so hard to create.”  King noted that “talk show criticism and the pulpit defense crystallized the ObamaCare debate.”

On Wilkow’s talk show, Swimp pointed out that he was not trying to score political points.  “I’m not talking conservative politics,” Stacy assured Wilkow, “I ‘m talking about the word of God.”

Focusing on the notion that pastors have a duty to promote ObamaCare for moral reasons, Stacy said:

If it is a moral issue, then the moral dilemma for [a pastor] should be: why in the world would I support something like this when, in fact, most of the people in my congregation are probably gonna be dropped from their health care?  They’re probably not going to continue to have their doctor.  All the false promises of this administration are actually undermining the quality of life of most of the people in his pews.  So, really, if you see a pastor doing this, you know what’s going on.  He’s bought and paid for by special interests.  He is, in fact, a false prophet, and he is turning people against God.

Stacy suggested real solutions to fixing problems with America’s health care could include paying more respect to free market ideas such as allowing people to purchase plans across state lines and promoting personal responsibility as a means of preventing future health care problems.

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