Project 21’s Arps on “Knockout Game” Indictment

On the 12/31/13 edition of “The Rick Amato Show,” Project 21 member Christopher Arps talks about the recent federal indictment of a white man for the one-punch beating of a elderly black man in a manner that is consistent with the notorious “knockout game.”

The indictment of Conrad Alvin Barrett came after many on the left sought to downplay the reality of the knockout game.  Most reported instances of knockout game violence are allegedly black-on-white crimes, and critics claim they are a myth perpetuated by conservative media.  This white-on-black incident, however, presents the left with a validation of the crime by the Obama Administration as well as appears to highlight an alleged racial agenda at Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

Arps told substitute host Haley Press:

I think it shows just how subjective the whole hate crime law/litigation is… It’s just something that we see recurrent within the Obama Administration — that they handle race-related matters differently than they should.

Asked about the possibility that violent video games — particularly the recently-released “Grand Theft Auto V” game that includes knockout game-style fighting — may play a role in these attacks, Arps said:

You have to really be in complete denial to think that some of these video games are not creating some of the crime that’s happening among our youth.

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