There Are Good Things in the Budget Deal

ObamaCare may have received funding through the “cromnibus” budget in Congress, but the National Center’s Dr. David Hogberg explained there are good things included in that fiscal deal making it harder for the government to implement the takeover of health care.

Pointing out that any further skirmishing over the budget “would just lead to a government shutdown” that would likely hurt conservative lawmakers over the long run, David told host Rick Amato there is now less chance of a bailout of insurance companies through the “risk corridor” provision created by the original ObamaCare plan.  “There’s now language in the omnibus,” David assured Amato, “basically prohibiting that from taking place.”  David called this “a win for taxpayers.”

On the 12/11/14 edition of “The Rick Amato Show” on the One America News Network, David added that there was also at least a “symbolic” blow against a threat from a Independent Payment Advisory Board “death panel.”

The $10 million defunding of IPAB is considered symbolic for now because the board is “not up and running” yet, but that this cut would still apply when it does.  “I think the term death panel is correct because what these types of panels usually end up doing is they usually end up cutting health care for the sickest,” David noted.  He added that his concerns are borne out by the actions of similar bureaucracies in England under their nationalized health care plan.

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