Rush Limbaugh 1, Pope Francis, 0 – But Why?

RushLimbaughShowWRush Limbaugh, at the end of the first hour of his June 22 show:

It’s not just climate change for the Pope. The Pope has now said that the weapons manufacturers cannot call themselves Christians, yet he wondered why the allies did not bomb the railroads leading to the concentration camps. I’m not kidding you here

Regrettably, Rush really isn’t kidding. The Pope is saying it can be immoral not to use weapons, but it is immoral to make them.

How can it be immoral to make something if it is immoral not to use them afterward?

As a condition of employment, the Swiss Guards who guard popes are required to be Roman Catholics. They also are trained in the use of weapons and are prepared to use them.

Does Pope Francis believe his guards are bad Catholics because they are prepared to use weapons to protect his life?

Pope Francis apparently has chosen to speak out on public policy without first developing consistent views.

I think his decision to do so is unfortunate. On the matter of guns, he comes across as confused and even hypocritical. This does no benefit to the Pope nor to his cause (gun control?).

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict earned the respect of tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of people, to the tremendous benefit to the Catholic Church specifically and to Christianity and to the world in general. Is Pope Francis about to squander it?

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