Corporate Woke Folk Don’t Take Vacations

While most people try to take it easy during the month of August, Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard reports that the summer heat “hasn’t stopped the endless stream of woke corporate evildoing.” If anything, everything that’s still going on during this traditionally slow time “has made it harder to keep up.”

That’s why Scott has put together a list of the best of the worst stories coming out of woke corporate America, which was recently published in a Townhall commentary:

  • Andrew Cuomo finally threw in the towel and announced his resignation as New York’s governor. While it’s no secret that his brother Chris at CNN was helping with damage control, it is relevant that the network was recently purchased by Discovery, Inc. Since Chris’s collusion shows that “Andy isn’t the only Cuomo in need of a pink slip,” Scott notes that “Discovery’s general reputation will have taken a terrible blow” if something isn’t done about the network’s overt politicization.
  • Also in the Cuomosphere, a former Cuomo aide who moved to Facebook was found to be helping her old boss “smear” one of the former governor’s accusers. Scott notes this “provides further evidence that Facebook is conspiring with government to violate citizens’ civil rights – a practice that could and should send Facebook and other tech executives to prison.” And the head of the Human Rights Campaign, another former Cuomo aide who now helps guide corporate wokeness through the special interest lobby, was also involved in an effort to slime the accuser. Scott says this damnable offense is “yet more evidence that these organizations – whatever causes they purport to advance – are simply and solely hack-level hard-left activists” whose real goal is “power for the left, not human rights or women’s rights or anything else at all.”
  • In the social media world, Facebook is blocking access to researchers examining the platform’s lack of transparency and misinformation, which Scott points out “raise[s] additional concerns for a company with monopoly power that has behaved in so many monopolistic ways.” And Twitter continues to ban news that it doesn’t agree with, especially related to topics such as COVID-19 and election integrity.
  • “Then of course there’s Comcast (owner of NBC), whose viewing figures for the Olympics have been cut nearly in half since 2016, costing it billions. While it’s not true that going woke causes most companies to go broke, it certainly seems to have that effect on revenues tied to the number of people who watch sports. And good heavens is Comcast reaping what its (and American sports’ and sports-outlets’ generally) wokification has sown.”

But all this is only scratching the surface. To read all of Scott’s commentary at the Townhall website, click here.

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