Big Tech Under Biden’s Thumb

Even though Big Tech seems to love the Biden Administration, it’s clear they also fear it.

And it’s not like the White House is trying to dispel the notion that it is acting like a mafioso when it comes to getting social media to squelch critical and conservative voices.

In a Townhall commentary, Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard reveals the fear-based relationship the Biden Administration leverages to get what it wants from Big Tech. “The president controls the executive branch,” he writes, “That’s by definition the enforcement arm of the federal government. So it could be argued that a threat is always implicit.”

As a result of this power, the politicos and the bureaucrats have made it clear that they expect social media to march to their tune:

The Biden Administration has blithely admitted over the past few weeks that it works with Facebook, Twitter, and the other monopolist censors to identify what it deems wrongthought, so that such thought can be excised…

Jen Psaki… has admitted pushing the tech companies to censor facts and opinions of which the administration disapproves that relate to COVID, but does anyone imagine that it has limited itself to that subject only? Or believe that it acts with no political motivations whatever? Infants and puppies could not be so easily taken in.

Flexing its regulatory muscles, it’s easy for the White House to bring the biggest of these tech companies to heel:

Even as the White House was telling the social-media monopolies which communications by free Americans are permissible and which should be removed, it also issued to the agencies of the executive branch “pro-competition” directives instructing those agencies to enforce antitrust and other purportedly competition-fostering laws and regulations against companies that exhibit monopoly characteristics, including social-media and other tech companies.

That’s a pretty patent threat – as the industry immediately realized, and started lobbying to avoid.

This has gotten Biden kid-glove treatment before and after the election:

When the deep state is against you, it will make up dossiers accusing you of every malfeasance, and the press will trumpet the falsehoods throughout the land. When the deep state favors you, it will ignore the most blatant of crimes with the express purpose of getting you elected (see Hunter Biden’s laptop), while ignoring corruption so open and so patent that even Warren Harding’s crooked cronies never dared it (see Hunter Biden’s, ahem, art sales).

Does this sound unfair? “Surely, the left doesn’t believe that there’s one law for us and another entirely for them,” Scott comments sarcastically.

Read all of Scott’s commentary – “Furthering the Case that Biden Administration is Conspiring with Big Tech” – at Townhall by clicking here.

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