Lori Lightfoot

Chicago Voters Have Had Enough of Lori Lightfoot

Yesterday Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot became the first Chicago mayor in forty years to lose re-election.  Several Project 21 ambassadors believe they understand why.

Emery McClendon

Emery McClendon

“The people of Chicago have spoken. They have had enough of Mayor Lori Lightfoot,” says Project 21 Ambassador Emery McClendon. “Crime is at an all-time high, and the mayor continues to deny reality. Rising crime has contributed to the first incumbent mayor in 40 years losing a bid for re-election. Her relationship with the city’s police department is at an all-time low, and big-city voters are fed up with the failure of her do-nothing liberal policies. Every major crime statistic has risen during her term in office. The voters want change. They are tired of race being used to overlook her lack of leadership. The mayor has spent the past four years in City Hall with no blueprint to transform one of the nation’s largest cities back to success. Her placing third place in the race speaks loud and clear that Chicago has had enough.”

Charles Butler

Charles Butler

A recent Pew Research study concluded that 83% of registered black American voters consider crime the number one issue.  It’s not inflation, the economy, illegal immigration or voter suppression!” adds Project 21 Ambassador Charles Butler. “Why are liberal leaders calling for defunding the police, criminal justice reform and no cash bails, when their constituents want criminals off the streets, period?”



David L. Lowery, Jr.

David L. Lowery, Jr.

Project 21 Ambassador David Lowery, Jr., a Chicago pastor, listed the reasons he believes Lightfoot lost:

1. She never fulfilled her promises to the black community to create economic development and to provide funding to uplift the poorest communities in the city of Chicago.

2. Her agenda was to promote and direct funding toward Boystown — a homosexual section of Chicago — and toward Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics throughout the city.

3. She did nothing to stop the riots of Black Lives Matter and allowed them to destroy the city and suburbs.

4. She shut down and removed statues of different ethnic backgrounds and replaced them with statues of homosexuals.

5. She claimed to have the biggest d*** in Chicago.

6. She enforced unconstitutional vaccine mandates on city workers, police departments, firefighters and all the central workers in the city of Chicago, forcing them to take an experimental drug in order to keep their jobs.

7. Her hatred for the black church was apparent as she closed the churches and threatened pastors not to open their doors or they would be thrown in jail.

8. She forced sex education lessons upon children in the Chicago public schools that were nothing more than pornography and LGBTQ+ training sessions, while the majority of those graduating high school lacked a basic understanding of science, math, reading and critical thinking skills — the essentials needed to become productive citizens in society and to compete against other students worldwide.

9. She cared more about illegal migrants than the citizens of Chicago. Money that was given by the governor for COVID relief — 3.5 billion dollars — was never put into the city for that purpose. Instead Lightfoot moved illegal migrants into some of the vacant schools that were closed by the previous mayor, while down-on-their-luck veterans lived in cardboard boxes and viaducts in the city during winter’s frigid temperatures.

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