Donna Jackson Discusses EV Agenda at Heritage Foundation

Electric Vehicle Agenda Threatens Americans’ Freedom and Financial Security — Which is What Power-Hungry Feds Want

This week Donna Jackson, the director of membership development for the Project 21 black leadership network, participated in a Heritage Foundation panel event about electric vehicles (EVs) entitled “The Big Government Car Theft.”

In this clip, Donna explains how the federal government’s aggressive electric vehicle agenda, if allowed to continue, will be used to control Americans and limit their transportation options — thereby threatening their well-being, their financial security and ultimately population growth. This is particularly true for minority and lower-income communities.

In this clip, Donna notes about EVs: “Anything that has to be this heavily subsidized is not a good product.”  After all, the government wouldn’t have to force the transition to EVs if the American people believed they were a practical and affordable option.

Watch the event in full here:

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