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More Scrutiny of Green Lobby Expected Soon

More Scrutiny of Green Lobby Expected Soon /
In a shocking turn of events, the president of the venerable Brookings Institution was forced to resign. John Allen wasn’t alleged to have stolen money from the group or to have engaged in sexual harassment. But what he did is ...
Biden's energy policies hurt black Americans. Energy Poverty

Biden Policies Promoting Energy Poverty /
With no end in sight for rising consumer prices, the issue of energy poverty is a growing concern for Americans – and for billions of people across the globe. Yet the green lobby and its allies in the government are ...
Biden’s Reverse Midas Touch

Biden’s Reverse Midas Touch /
It’s not the “Putin Price Hike.” It’s not the “MAGA crowd” behind the economy’s downward spiral. It’s Joe Biden. Inflation is causing prices for things like energy, vehicles and groceries to skyrocket, and the Biden administration is beginning to acknowledge ...
speed cameras

The Plan to Kill the Family Car /
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is using “the phony rise in highway deaths” to “kill cars to save you and me.” The alleged goal of the Biden Administration’s new National Roadway Safety Strategy is to reduce traffic fatalities to zero. Zero! ...
Energy Independence, Security Essential to Freedom

Energy Independence, Security Essential to Freedom /
“America is more capable than ever of providing affordable energy to its citizens.” And yet it’s not doing so right now. Skyrocketing energy prices – of gasoline, in particular – have helped bring about increasing inflation and declining consumer confidence ...
JPMorgan’s Latest Woke Agenda

JPMorgan’s Latest Woke Agenda /
Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, has proposed that the Biden Administration create a “Marshall Plan” as means first of increasing domestic oil and gas production, and then funding the mythologized “green transition.” While approved of by most Americans, ...
Solar renewables

Rush to Green Renewables Won’t Bring U.S. Energy Independence, by Derrick Hollie

New Visions Commentary /
After the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the United States valiantly rose as an unchallenged global superpower holding a dominant position in influence, military, economy, and resources. The U.S. is abundantly rich in ...

The SEC’s Climate-Disclosure Proposal Politicizes Corporate Oversight

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has proposed a new rule, one that would require companies to spend vast sums to collect and report information about their carbon and related emissions and their plans to move toward making no emissions that the SEC ...
Labor’s Climate Agenda Harms Everyday Americans

Labor’s Climate Agenda Harms Everyday Americans /
In February, President Biden’s Labor Department published a Request for Information (RFI), seeking public comment on the agency’s “future work relating to retirement savings and climate-related financial risk.” What’s the impetus for publishing such a broad and peculiar RFI? Why, ...
Biden's energy policies hurt black Americans. Energy Poverty

Climate Regulations Create Environmental Injustice

Press Release /
Black Activists Condemn Costs of Biden Agenda Washington, D.C. - Members of the Project 21 black leadership network called President Biden’s energy agenda an environmental injustice, noting that poor and minority Americans will be hurt the most by policies that ...

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