Global Elites Exercise Full-Spectrum Dominance to Control Us While Lining Their Own Pockets

Global elites are “adopting a military doctrine… called ‘full-spectrum dominance'” in order to control us, warns the National Center’s Bonner Cohen.

Bonner Cohen

Bonner Cohen

In an interview with One America News Network’s Stella Escobedo, Bonner elaborated:

Under full spectrum dominance, it is incumbent upon the rising dominant power to have so much power — in land, sea, air, cybersecurity and what have you — that this hedgemon is not being challenged by anyone, friend or foe alike.

Well if you look at what is being attempted by global elites, in and outside of government, how they are trying to impose their agenda on the rest of us (and by the way, sadly succeeding in many cases), it occurred to me: this is full spectrum dominance on a societal level.

You shut off any and all debate on issues that you would have us believe have been settled by science, whether it’s climate change, the approach to COVID or what have you.

And you have collusion between the rich-and-powerful in government and the rich-and-powerful outside of government to do everything, from determine what appliances you can use in your home, what vehicle you can or cannot drive — taking all these decisions that historically have been made by people and putting those decisions in the hands of government.

And in the process, through good old-fashioned crony capitalism, it’s enriching people who are already wealthy to begin with: purveyors of wind power, solar power, electric vehicles… and corporate leaders who are absolutely delighted to line their already well-lined pockets with government subsidies and other goodies courtesy of the federal government.

For more, check out Bonner’s Daily Caller commentary, “Elites Have Come Up With Their Greatest Excuse Yet To Suppress The Rest Of Us.”

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