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Let’s Target the Weakest Links in Our Fight Against Woke Capitalism

As the majority of American corporations remain entrenched on the left side of policy debates, conservatives may wonder if there’s any hope in pushing them back to neutral and out of the realm of Woke Capitalism.

Free Enterprise Project Associate Stefan Padfield says a successful strategy will focus on targeting corporate leaders who are motivated by incentives rather than worldview.

On BEK News’ “Ladies of Another View,” Stefan expounded upon his recent commentary which divided perpetrators of Woke Capitalism into four main categories: true believers, opportunists, useful idiots and cowards.

Stefan told the hosts:

What’s important to me about breaking down the sources and the forces in this way is you deal with these different folks differently.  For example, I don’t think you should waste a lot of time trying to change the mind of true believers. They’re all in. They have drunk the Kool-Aid….

Much more value is in talking to the opportunists, who are just responding to incentives. You need to change the incentives for these folks.

While acknowledging that the “useful idiots” category may seem harsh, he said it is vitally important to educate those who don’t understand the dangers of kind-sounding buzzphrases like ESG and DEI:

When you’ve got someone who hears things like “diversity” and “environmental justice,” they think to themselves, “Well, what could be wrong with that?”

But they need to understand what’s actually going on on the ground and at the heart of these various agendas, where it ends up being basically neo-racist segregation and discrimination, and really radical climate change agendas that really are harmful to the country and really don’t have great prospects of making a difference.

Stefan also described how he found his way to the Free Enterprise Project, why he believes FEP’s work is so important, and why FEP is focusing efforts on limiting the number of boards upon which corporate leaders can sit.

Watch the entire segment below.

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