Project 21 member Julian Boykin is a contract specialist with the federal government. He is responsible for managing over $400 million in various contracts as well and creating programs, management and initiatives. He is also the founder of Acquisition Consulting Experts, LLC, a small business committed to providing quality consultant and training services to the government and commercial community.

Julian is a professional who creates a unique flair for balance and fostering positive relations with community. He is a team player and someone who unselfishly gives his time back to the community. His background in higher education has afforded him a plethora of opportunities in contract management, program management, business management, supervisory experience, and team building.

He was born and raised in Madison, Mississippi. He attended Jackson State University, where he earned a B.S. in Business Management. After achieving his bachelors, Julian went on to pursue his Master’s in Acquisition and Contract Management and a Master’s in Business Administration at Florida Institute of Technology.

He lives in Southern Maryland with his wife and son.

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