Melanie Collette

Melanie Collette is a business technology expert, entrepreneur, and political commentator with extensive corporate operations and organizational management experience.

Melanie’s business expertise is rivaled only by her commitment to nurturing the next generation of business and financial leaders. For twenty years and counting, she has taught accounting, computer applications, financial literacy, and sports marketing at various public and private academic institutions.

Melanie’s business acumen and passion for politics led her to media to share highly coveted opinions on various topics. On her weekly radio show, Money Talk with Melanie, she interviews industry experts and guides listeners through lively and informative discussions on global and domestic affairs, the economy, fiscal policy, and politics.

When she’s not tantalizing her radio audience with unique perspectives, Melanie appears weekly on the Newsmax television show ‘American Agenda’ to provide analysis on financial and political topics.

Melanie is a passionate conservative and active leader in the New Jersey State Republican Party (NJGOP), recently serving as vice-chair of Cape May County and former vice-chair of the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women. Melanie is an active member of Project 21 at The National Center for Public Policy Research.

Melanie holds a masters in public administration from Marist College.


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