Richard Holt

Project 21 member Richard Holt is a political consultant with the broad experience of having worked for dozens of candidates seeking local, state and federal office all across the United States. Bitten by the election bug while volunteering on his first campaign as a teenager in 1996, he has gone on to work professionally as a consultant for Kush and Associates before moving to his current position with Sirius Campaigns. “Politics is a great challenge,” he says, “but it’s worth every bead of sweat.”

Holt is an elected member of the Franklin County (Ohio) Republican Central Committee. Holt’s work and opinions have been cited by the RT and Fox News television networks as well as the Washington Post, Washington Times, National Journal, Politico and even Teen Vogue.

In addition to his campaign work, Holt worked in the financial sector with Strategic Retirement and Insurance Planning in Brentwood, Texas. He is an Army veteran and father of two. He is a graduate of Ohio University with a degree in history.

Sample of Public Appearances by Richard Holt:

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