Holder Fails to Prosecute Vote Fraudster, Sharpton Hugs Her

When Al Sharpton came up close and personal with a living, breathing example of someone who suppressed the lawful votes of her fellow Americans… he hugged the fraudster!

Similarly, after that person had their sentence reduced, the Holder Justice Department has thus far declined to take up the case to make an example of someone who knowingly stole peoples’ legitimate votes through nullification in the 2012 election.

At a recent rally in Ohio, called to fight the state’s voter ID law and push for a state constitutional amendment to loosen registration and voting rules, Sharpton hugged convicted felon Melowese Richardson.

Richardson was just released from prison after serving only eight months of a five-year sentence for committing vote fraud.

In court, Richardson pled no contest to voter fraud charges.  On a local newscast, Richardson — who worked at polling places in Hamilton County, Ohio since 1998 — freely admitted to voting twice for herself (in person and absentee) in 2012 as well as having voted absentee for her granddaughter and another person registered at her home address.  The Ohio Justice and Policy Center appealed her sentence, which was reduced to just five years probation in part because it was reported after her initial sentencing that she has a bipolar disorder.

But Richardson was well enough to attend the March 20 rally at the Word of Deliverance Church in Forest Park, Ohio.  Reverend Bobby Hilton, the president of the Cincinnati chapter of Sharpton’s National Action Network brought Richardson on stage, at which time it was reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer that Sharpton hugged Richardson.

After Richardson’s participation and Sharpton’s affection for the convicted vote suppressor became public knowledge, Hilton attempted to control the damage and deflect bipartisan local criticism by telling the Enquirer that they “congratulated a lady with health issues coming home to take care of her sick sister” rather than someone who felt so strongly about re-electing President Obama that she took it upon herself to vote multiple times for herself and others.

And the U.S. Department of Justice, which has the lawful authority to bring additional charges against Richardson, has thus far not pursued any further prosecution of this known act of vote fraud.

J. Christian Adams, a former attorney in the Voting Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, criticized the Obama Administration for “excusing lawlessness” for not prosecuting Richardson at the federal level.  In a commentary published on Breitbart.com, Adams wrote:

DOJ doesn’t hesitate to bring federal charges against local police officers.  For example, when a policeman receives a light sentence in state court after allegedly employing excessive force against a citizen, the DOJ Civil Rights Division is keen to initiate federal prosecution to exact its own federal pound of flesh against that officer.  But the failure to prosecute Richardson demonstrates that criminal behavior which aids the reelection of President Obama receives very different treatment.

Members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network share a combination of outrage and disappointment with the Obama Administration over failing to go the distance regarding a bona fide voter fraud case.

P21StacyWashington2Project 21 member Stacy Washington, a local talk radio host in St. Louis, noted:

I wish I could say that the American people should be surprised by fresh evidence of the U.S. Department of Justice’s culture of lawlessness.  Instead, this is par for the course at a Justice Department that seems to operate above the law instead of as an instrument of fair, unbiased and equal application of the law.

Attorney General Holder recently encouraged state attorneys general to refuse to uphold and enforce laws that they don’t like.

Apparently, they don’t like prosecuting voter fraud against individuals that voted in multiplicity for the President.  Duly noted, sirs.  Duly noted.

P21ChristopherArpsProject 21 member Christopher Arps, a founder of the Move-On-Up.org black conservative social networking web site, added:

The Obama Justice Department seems to be making the argument that voter fraud is so rare that, even in clear instances of it happening, it’s still apparently not worth their time to prosecute it.

This sends a horrible message to those unscrupulous individuals who are wiling and able to undermine our electoral process.

P21DemeriusMinorAnd Project 21 member Demetrius Minor, a youth minister and former White House intern, said:

It is quite appalling and nauseating for those on the left to falsely indicate how conservatives are trying to oppress the minority vote through the advocating of voter ID laws while failing to fully prosecute and punish a woman who illegally voted for the President an alleged total of six times.

Liberals are apparently willing to let a violation of federal law occur in order to stay loyal to partisan politics.

This type of behavior is what feeds the political divide in our country today.


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