Rice Rocked

Project 21 member Darryn “Dutch” Martin has some comments about National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice’s testimony this morning before the 9-11 Commission:

If there were any doubts about Condoleezza Rice’s ability as a capable and competent national security advisor, those doubts were probably dashed with her testimony before the 9-11 Commission. She handled herself like a true champion, despite the occasional partisan sniping from some Democratic members of the Commission. She knows her stuff like the back of hand, and it was virtually impossible to break her down (despite Bob Kerry’s obviously partisan attempts to do so).

Now what the 9-11 Commission needs to do is call Bill Clinton’s NSA chief, Sandy Berger, to testify in the same kind of public circus Dr. Rice had to endure. How many of you think THAT will ever happen?

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