Nice Mail

We’re getting flooded with e-mail these days.

We’ve received many, many e-mails of support for Joe Roche and his fellow soldiers in the 16th Combat Engineer Battalion stationed in Baghdad, all of which we have forwarded to Iraq. Thanks to all of you who have sent them. If you haven’t yet, but wish to, use this link. If you want to learn more about Joe and his unit, visit here and here, and watch this blog, as more news is coming soon.

Then a flood started in favor of Project 21’s call, in concert with others, for an investigation of the Congressional Black Caucus in relation to recent events in Haiti. To be fair, one person wrote a reasonably polite complaint about Project 21’s stance on this, but all the rest of the e-mails, most from self-identified Haitians or Haitian-Americans, have been enthusiastically supportive.

And now we are receiving e-mails like this one relating to Dr. Rice’s testimony Thursday: “I want you to know how very proud I am of your conservative stance! I did not know you existed, until hearing, some of you were represented at the 9/11 commission today with Condi Rice! She is fantastic, and those Senators who were so ‘rude’ to her, should be taken to the woodshed!!!!! May you grow in number and spread all over this Republic!! – JH”

We usually get hostile mail. It’s more fun to get mail like this.


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