No Coal! No Oil! No Power! No Heat!


Anti-global warming protester uses a “Stop Global Warming” sign as an ice scraper at rally at the U.S. Capitol coal-fired power plant Monday

“We don’t want the world to boil, no coal, no oil!”

There was no chance, despite the warning of this protest chant, of anything boiling outside in Washington, D.C. today. Global warming activists who threatened “mass civil disobedience” in the nation’s capitol Monday probably never expected to be competing with the biggest snowfall of the season.


Not going to get much power from this snowy solar panel…

Yet this seems to happen every time the global warming activists plan a major event to talk about how hot our planet is going to get. (For more information about this practice, see the children’s story “Chicken Little.”)


…as the non-functioning light bulbs supposedly powered by that solar panel demonstrate.

Hundreds of activists – mostly students, from the looks of it – were protesting Nancy Pelosi’s private coal-fired power plant. It’s the plant that powers the Capitol complex. Until recently, Pelosi and company pretended to have a carbon-neutral Congress by using taxpayer dollars to buy “carbon offsets” that essentially gave them little more than peace of mind. This practice has since been discontinued. An analysis found it might not be doing any good, and they no longer have faith in throwing money at their embarrassment (now, if we can get them to expand this line of thinking to their spend-and-tax agenda).


David Almasi and Devon Carlin of the National Center for Public Policy Research

Anyway, the Competitive Enterprise Institute enlisted the help of The National Center for Public Policy Research, FreedomWorksand other groups to point out that coal and oil provide plentiful and affordable energy to average Americans. Energy bills are up this year, and there is no way wind and solar – the darling energy-generation methods of today’s protestors – are going to provide people with the amount of energy they need at the prices they can afford.


Where’s James Hansen?

No one is against new and alternative sources of energy, but it’s their way or the highway in the minds of these protestors. If they are successful, expect bigger bills and energy shortages in the future.

This blog post was compiled largely from notes compiled by David Almasi.

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