Outrage of the Day: United Nations Threatens Bush Administration Officials

From “European Nations May Investigate Bush Officials Over Prisoner Treatment” by Craig Whitlock for the Washington Post:

…Martin Scheinin, the U.N. special investigator for human rights and counterterrorism, said the interrogation techniques approved by the Bush administration clearly violated international law. He said the lawyers who wrote the Justice Department memos, as well as senior figures such as former vice president Richard B. Cheney, will probably face legal trouble overseas if they avoid prosecution in the United States.

‘Torture is an international crime irrespective of the place where it is committed. Other countries have an obligation to investigate,’ Scheinin said in a telephone interview from Cairo. ‘This may be something that will be haunting CIA officials, or Justice Department officials, or the vice president, for the rest of their lives.'”…

Tell me again: Why do we remain in the United Nations? We’re paying nearly the quarter of the budget for a corrupt, bloated organization that sits by (or goes to dinner) while corrupt dictators kill and imprison suspected political opponents (and sometimes their children), but let George W. Bush try to keep Americans alive, and it is all over it.

The United Nations is an affront to our sovereignty, our pocketbooks, and to every sane notion of decency.

America must get out of the United Nations.

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