COP15 and the Shameless Manipulation of Children, by Caroline May

The United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen is fast approaching, and with cap and trade legislation languishing in Congress, developing nations averse to binding regulations, and the public preoccupied with a faltering economy, hopes by climate treaty advocates that a climate agreement will be reached this December are diminishing. Nevertheless, advocates for a sovereignty-usurping, economically-devastating, wealth-redistributing and environmentally-fraudulent treaty are tirelessly churning out materials meant to sway the public and assert pressure on leaders to reach an enforceable agreement.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) provides an example. Agitating for a “green industrial revolution,” the WWF is a vociferous advocate for global warming legislation and environmental activism – regardless of the practical consequences. Last month, for example, the outfit came out with the breathless pronouncement that the world has less than five years to drastically cut carbon emissions or, it claims, climate catastrophe will be inevitable. (To be fair, this was less absurd than British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s October 19 prediction that the global community had only 50 days to avert disaster.)

Several days ago the WWF crossed a line, releasing a propagandistic video of children of WWF staffers parroting the illogical doomsday scenarios the group works to propagate. The WWF explained the video’s objective:

“To urge the President to lead us in Copenhagen and outline what we’d like to see in the agreement, we invited children of WWF staffers to tape a personal message to the President asking for his support… We hope you’ll be inspired to send an email or write a letter to the White House that tells President Obama that you want him to go to Copenhagen to protect our planet.”

The Video:

Child welfare officials have investigated the now infamous parents of “Balloon Boy” for allegedly coaching him to lie in a publicity scheme. These WWF parents coerced their children for political influence, and, should their efforts succeed, a thoroughly destructive climate treaty.

Which is worse?

Written by Caroline May, policy analyst at the National Center for Public Policy Research. Write the author at [email protected]. Please note if you prefer that your correspondence be kept private.


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