Consolation Prize: Gropenhagen

GoreBoxerWarner.jpgSadly for COP15 attendees willing to shell out 5,999 Danish Kroner ($1,209) to shake hands and get their picture taken with the illustrious Al Gore, the profiting prophet’s expensive VIP appearance in Copenhagen has been cancelled.

Berlanski Media, the event’s Danish coordinators, announced Thursday that, despite enthusiasm and high ticket sales, the affair will no longer take place due to complications with the monotonous mountebank’s Copenhagen schedule (but for my money, the real reason is the potential for questions by/confrontations with rogue attendees about Climategate).

Though they can no longer pay to meet their hefty hero at the Climate Conference, there is still a conciliation prize awaiting devastated Gore acolytes needing stimulation in Copenhagen…

It seems that actual prostitutes have taken up where Gore left off… only these ladies are offering more than a handshake to attendees of the U.N. Climate Summit. And, unlike Gore, the women are providing their time and services gratis.

The “working girls” of Copenhagen are offering this… well… carbon-negligible activity for free in order to protestadmonitions from the Copenhagen city government that COP15 attendees should “Be sustainable – don’t buy sex.”

The mayor and city council have especially focused on urging hotels in the area “not to arrange contacts between hotel guests and prostitutes,” even going so far as to send out postcards with the anti-brothel message. The women have responded in kind by offering any delegate with an official COP15 tag and one of the cautionary postcards an evening that will perhaps make up for a Copenhagen fortnight without Gore for far less than $1,209 — for free, in fact.

So there it is… along with all the other nicknames for the events in Copenhagen, such as Hopenhagen, Nopenhagen, and Dopenhagen, we now have… GROPENHAGEN.


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