COP-15 Climate Conference Admittance Update

Thanks to (and many bloggers) for covering the story of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s efforts, and the efforts of very many thousands of accredited NGO delegates, to gain admittance to the COP-15 climate conference.

Thanks also to those of you who wrote us to express support.

I am pleased to report that the National Center for Public Policy Research delegation of David Ridenour, Deneen Borelli and Tom Borelli did (finally!) gain admittance to the COP-15 Bella conference center at about 5:45 PM Copenhagen time Tuesday. They also apparently had the opportunity to distribute educational materials (about which, more later) earlier in the day to relevant parties as those officials and media representatives entered the building.

Unfortunately, the news is not so good for all accredited organizations. Although others got in, still others did not.

I had not realized this yesterday, but I learned today that the many thousands of NGO delegates forced to stand in line for eight hours yesterday in 32 degree F cold before being turned away at nightfall also had one other indignity to deal with: if they left the line to use one of the outdoor portable toilets, they lost their spot in line.

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