More on COP-15 Walk-Out

Climate Justice Action vowed Wednesday to take over the COP-15 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark to convene a “people’s assembly.” Hundreds of people who’d been denied badges to attend Wednesday’s events reportedly met at nearby Oredstad and Sundby metro stations, the two closest metro stations to the Bella Center (the Bella Center station had been closed by police), to converge on the center.

They were met by heavily fortified Danish police. So many police converged on the area that the police had to convert rental cars into police cars.


An estimated 250-300 people were arrested.

The protestors were joined by delegates and NGO representatives who’d already gained admittance to the conference. The UNFCCC responded by not permitting them to return to the Center.

Evidence of this can be seen throughout the Bella Center as booths set up by environmental groups remain empty (see pictures below).

Many side events at the conference had to be canceled.

















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