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Greg Pollowitz of Planet Gore picked up on David’s post about Pat Robertson and Haiti and took it further, tracking down that infamous commercial featuring Pat Robertson and Al Sharpton.
The commercial, directed personally by Al Gore, asked viewers to visit one of the websites of Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection, where, among other things, they would be asked to sign a petition calling for a global climate treaty.
I am not a regular viewer of Robertson’s CBN show, The 700 Club, but I had not previously presupposed it to be a support network for global governance.
Possibly CBN personnel were similarly mystified. In an article David linked to in his post, a CBN spokesman tries to say Robertson doesn’t have a “firm position” on global warming:

Maybe he didn’t, but as the video on Greg’s post shows, the commercial encouraged viewers to visit Gore’s website, which, at the time of the commercials, greeted viewers with these words…

…and then urged people to sign Gore’s petition for a global climate treaty.
Robertson, by the way, wasn’t the only person on the right to film a commercial asking people to visit Gore’s website, and be asked to sign the global climate treaty petition:

The global climate treaty Al Gore has been pushing for is run through the United Nations. Even if Robertson and Gingrich choose to believe in the global warming theory — in fact, especially if they believe in the global warming theory — why would they want to address the issue through the useless and corrupt United Nations?

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