Fox’s O’Reilly Factor Features National Center Hurricane Prediction Video

Fox’s Bill O’Reilly featured the National Center for Public Policy Research’s “James Hansimian” chimp hurricane prediction video on the O’Reilly Factor’s May 21, 2010 broadcast.

The National Center released a video this past Tuesday in which our chimp’s hurricane prediction ability is pitted against that of the National Oceanic and Space Administration (NOAA), which is expected to make its 2010 hurricane season predictions this upcoming Thursday.

Laughing as he did so, O’Reilly included the video in his nightly “Pinheads and Patriots” segment, apparently of the view that whichever predictor loses the contest — our “Dr. James Hansimian” or NOAA — will be a “pinhead.”

We’re willing to take the chance.

The point of our video is to remind Americans that climate science is in its infancy, and is shaky ground on which to build very expensive and job-exporting policies such as cap-and-trade, adopted last year by the U.S. House and currently under consideration in the Senate.

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