Occupy Occupy D.C., Day 20: Spare the Birds

Every day that wind turbines run, more birds die.


A National Research Council report estimated that 100,000 birds die each year at the altar of liberal wind energy production.


Today, the Occupy Occupy D.C. street team erected a mock turbine to symbolize the carnage that these “energy producers” create.


Wind turbines have many negative qualities.  They are eyesores, they are loud, they occupy large swaths of land, they are heavily subsidized and they produce very little energy.  But worse than all of that, they massacre large numbers of birds, and very few people know about it.  This afternoon at Freedom Plaza, a few more people witnessed and learned about the perils of wind turbines.

NOTE:  No actual birds were harmed by the Occupy Occupy D.C. mock turbine.

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